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Disclaimer: Foraging can be fun, rewarding and provide health benefits. As a novice forager, I will be sharing my foraging experiences. However, in order to be safe, always consult with local foraging experts and guidebooks before beginning foraging. Children should learn to forage safely by being guided by experienced adults. Never ingest anything unless you are certain of the identification and safety of the plant. Some plant species are inedible and some are poisonous.

European Field Pansy (Field Violet) (Viola arvensis): Images

Date Location Notes Images
May 1, 2011 Southeastern, New Hampshire My first violet posted to this site! Notice how the flowers are bilaterally symetrical. That means that if you drew a line down the center, the left and right sides would be the same. This is similar to the human body (the left and right sides are the same).

There are a number of white flower violets in New Hampshire, but this one was easy to identify because it is the only one with white flowers and a distinct yellow lower lip. In some cases, the upper petals are tipped with purple. A single flower grows on a stem originating from the leaf axil. The flower towers well above the leaves.

The basal leaves are round to spatulate. The middle and upper leaves tend to be elliptical with coarsely-rounded teeth. The leaf veins on the underside of the leaf are hairy.
Date Location Notes Images
May 6, 2012 Southeastern, New Hampshire