Transformational Gardening

Disclaimer: Foraging can be fun, rewarding and provide health benefits. As a novice forager, I will be sharing my foraging experiences. However, in order to be safe, always consult with local foraging experts and guidebooks before beginning foraging. Children should learn to forage safely by being guided by experienced adults. Never ingest anything unless you are certain of the identification and safety of the plant. Some plant species are inedible and some are poisonous.

Purple-flowering Raspberry (Rubus odoratus): Images

Date Location Notes Images
August 4, 2009 Southeastern, New Hampshire One of the few raspberry plants without thorns. Very large, alternating, maple-like leaves (that have a leathery feel). Big purple flowers with a beige-colored center. New stalks are green with hairs. Older stalks are redish-brown. Did not see raspberries growing.
Date Location Notes Images
June 11, 2010 Southeastern, New Hampshire Purple-flowering Raspberry is flowering already and the berries should be available soon.